Saturday, 9 February 2008

Ruffled by the Wind

Ruffled by the Wind, originally uploaded by North Light.

It's some time since I made an entry on the blog, other things seem to have taken precedence over the last few weeks, but I am back so there will be more consistent entries from now on!
I have bought a compact camera, a Nikon P5100, why did I choose the Nikon? Liked the build quality, felt comfortable in the hand, and part just plain impulse! The results from it are not bad, and it will cover the role of light pocketable camera well.
But I do have to say, why oh why do they try and squeeze so many megapixels into a tiny sensor! At anything above ISO200 it's so noisy.
Six megapixels would be more than sufficient, and the performance from the sensor would be so much better. Still tempted by the Sigma DP1 though!
I have to be honest, "Ruffled by the Wind" was taken with a DSLR, would not have been able to get the detail and exposure latitude from the compact camera.