Tuesday, 19 January 2010

750 Days

19 - History Uncovered, originally uploaded by North Light.

One of my methods of keeping myself motivated is to set myself targets and objectives, ugh I hear you say, a few years ago I would agreed with you, the occasional pat on the back is needed and whilst I'm not a proponent of self congratulation it does have its uses, shear obstinacy will only get you so far!

It seems appropriate that the photograph for this milestone is Dunnet Bay, I never cease to find some interest in this beautiful location, and hence it will always remain a favourite.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Starting Another Years Photography

6 - A Joy to Work With, originally uploaded by North Light.

So, it's with some relief that I've completed my second year of "A Photograph a Day", yet a certain amount of anticipation and enjoyment as I start the third! Bizarre, I'm not sure if thats because this year has what I see as a neat goal, 1000 days of Photography.
This photograph was taken on a day of sunshine and snow showers, after a snow shower had swept through out came the sun, the low January sunshine providing a beautifully warm and contrasty light, which combined with an interesting collection of boats in the harbour makes the daily photograph a pleasure.