Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Heading Towards Winter

292 - Sliding Towards Winter, originally uploaded by North Light.

As the nights draw in the daily photograph starts to become a real challenge, grey autumn evenings are not the most inspiring of subjects and test my abilities to produce interesting photographs.
Scrabster Harbour has become a focal point for my photography over the last few days, the colours and lights on the fishing boats providing a much needed contrast to the gloom of a grey and damp evening.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Something Different

Over a month since I last blogged! Excuses, well yes I do have some, a bout of flu etc, but also, it's been a long season, it's all to easy to let the hotel part of my life become all consuming!
As the "Hotel Season" eases off, the photographic one starts, autumn light, when we get it is for me the best time for photography, the Camera Club season has started again, and a few days away in Inverness lets me do something different.
I have always been interested in architecture, and Eden Court Theatre is a perfect subject, very different from landscapes, well perhaps not, the same principals apply, composition, light and subject.