Sunday, 4 November 2007

Old Sea Wall,

Old Sea Wall,, originally uploaded by North Light.

Sunday morning, weather is grey with the odd hint of blue sky, but the The light is very flat this morning. Have been on the beach with the camera, but no images that I am satisfied with.
So, here is a photograph from last night, I managed to get out just for the last few minutes of daylight, no direct sunlight unfortunatly, but a good opportunity to continu the exploration of HDR. This image was taken using 5 exposures, 1 EV steps, -2 EV to + 2 EV. Because the Nikon D80 will ony auto-bracket 3 exposures this has to be done manually, and with the low light levels this means that the 5 exposures are taken over something in the region of 30 seconds to a minute. This inevitably means that there is movement in the water and clouds. But this image has worked well, and I think is one of my most succesful HDR images yet.

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