Saturday, 1 December 2007

Winter Blues

Red on Grey, originally uploaded by North Light.

I guess that this should really read "Winter Greys", but its been another week with no photography, had to resort to working on images from the back catalogue!
I should not be negative about this, I have a lot of images I like, and in many cases re-working them is very positive, and I hope that they are benefiting from a little bit more experience!
I received a email from the submissions department of a well known weekly UK Photographic magazine yesterday, some of a portfolio I submitted nearly two years ago is being published in the magazine in December, quietly pleased with this. This will mean that of the three magazines I submitted portfolios to, two will have published photographs from the portfolio. Not a bed hit rate!
On a completely different subject, the forecast for tomorrow looks good, so the plan for Sunday involves photography, and not much else. This is of course subject to the vagaries of the weather.

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