Thursday, 14 May 2009

500 Days of Photography

134 - 500 Days of Photography, originally uploaded by North Light.

I do feel a sense of achievement in reaching this anniversary, I will admit it has become easier and has definitely improved the quality of my photography but it has required a large amount of commitment, rarely less than an hour a day, and often more than 2 hours a day. During the Summer this is often on top of a 10 + working day. There definitely have been days where motivation has been a problem and other times where I have questioned the quality of my work but on balance .... I'd do it again, in fact here's looking forward to the next 500!


Keith Tilley said...

Well done!
Setting goals does force us to get out, when we don't feel like it, and opens us up to unexpected opportunities.

Alec said...

Hi, Jamie,

I previously followed your photostream at FlickR as Efrafan Days, but was forced off-line. It's good to have found these gorgeous images again.

Sri Debi said...

Great photo. I am an artist living in Ohio, in America. I appreciate what you are saying and especially what you are doing. Keep it up!