Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wick HarbourFest 2009

178 - HarbourFest 2009, originally uploaded by North Light.

Or perhaps the title should have been "Expanding the Repertoire".

After long days at work it's all too easy to take the easy option and go where I know that I can get a photograph with the minimum of effort. Not surprisingly this ultimately proves unsatisfying, it seems that I need to keep a level of challenge in my photography, when it becomes routine and I feel that I am not learning, or pushing myself, the motivation becomes much more difficult to maintain. An interesting thought as I near the half way point of this year, and contemplate that I am also closing on the mid point of my objective of three years of a photo a day!

So yesterday I managed to get to the HarbourFest at Wick on a glorious summer's day, I arrived late in the day, and most of the stands were being broken down, definitely not my usual subject, lots more photographs than I would normally take, but I am pleased with this one which I hope gives the feeling of a crowded marina. As usual I've had to keep the saturation down, Nikon reds easily become too dominating.


Keith Tilley said...

I think you've managed to get a good photograph from all the confusion. The masts are ideally placed for giving a feeling of recession. The strong colours in the foreground help to give depth as well.

North Light said...

Thanks Keith,
I was pleased with this, not my usual style, camera off the tripod and taking photographs quickly and allowing composition to be instinctive.