Saturday, 11 July 2009

Somewhere New

191 - Old Track, Dirlot, originally uploaded by North Light.

There is a real joy in finding a new location, a visit to Dirlot Castle one evening with Thurso Camera Club this week produced a couple of interesting photographs despite not so good weather. I am now more than a little captivated by the place, so went back at the end of the week for a second take! I have no doubt that this will be repeated, as I think there is more to come from this location.


Keith Tilley said...

It's a great place isn't it. I've just discovered it myself and I've got lots of subjects in mind.

Was it you arriving on Friday, in a small blue car, just as I was leaving in a white van?

North Light said...


Yes that was me.

Keith Tilley said...

Ha. ha! I'd just passed you and I thought "I've a feeling that was Jamie"!