Sunday, 6 September 2009

Breaks in the Weather

248 - From Clardon Haven, originally uploaded by North Light.

My feeling was that August was wet, but the beginning of September has completely surpassed anything that August had to offer, torrential rain a few days ago left parts of northern Scotland flooded, Caithness has missed the worst of the flooding, but rivers and burns are very swollen, and there is a wide selection of temporary lochs and lakes.
As a photographer, rain is the most difficult element to work with, and I have to admit that on the worst day I resorted to working from inside the car, only the second time I have had to this year.
Otherwise, despite the rain, our quickly changing weather has produced some good breaks in the weather, yesterday evening's "Rock Hopping" at Clardon Haven producing some very satisfying images.


Keith Tilley said...

You've managed to get some amazing depth in this one.

As you say, we seem to have some new lochs. I went over to Wick the other day and Loch Watten seemed to have extended all the way to the town. There seemed to be a new Loch Thurso as well.

PurestGreen said...

That horizon is a loooong way off. Dreamy. Ah, shooting from the car in the rain. Good times.