Friday, 29 May 2009

Looking for Something Different

149 - The Trinkie, originally uploaded by North Light.

One of the problems of participating in "A Photograph a Day" is that with over 500 days under my belt I am finding that I need to seek new subjects to keep the inspiration going.
Yesterday the light took me over towards Wick, a sudden moment of inspiration had me at the Trinkie, and a fortunate appearance of some sunlight has produced a photograph that I am pleased with on the first visit to a location.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Right Place, Right Time

Strath More Rainbow, originally uploaded by North Light.

In the last few weeks there have been days where I have been chasing light with no success, Tuesday night I always seemed to be 5 minuets behind the light, a very frustrating session.
Wednesday was another unpromising day, when I went out in the evening I choose to go towards Loch More again as the clouds looked very interesting in that direction. As i got near the heavens opened, rain and hail so heavy that the road was soon flooded, and windscreen wipers were struggling to clear the screen.
I love where the River Thurso runs near the road here, so decided to stop as I could see the sky lightening behind me. First there was some sunshine on the river, good enough to get me out of the car into the rain, this has produced some nice images of the river, then to my left this rainbow appeared, one of the best I have ever seen. So for once in the "Right Place at The Right Time".

Thursday, 14 May 2009

500 Days of Photography

134 - 500 Days of Photography, originally uploaded by North Light.

I do feel a sense of achievement in reaching this anniversary, I will admit it has become easier and has definitely improved the quality of my photography but it has required a large amount of commitment, rarely less than an hour a day, and often more than 2 hours a day. During the Summer this is often on top of a 10 + working day. There definitely have been days where motivation has been a problem and other times where I have questioned the quality of my work but on balance .... I'd do it again, in fact here's looking forward to the next 500!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Royal Mail Postbus

Old Slipway, originally uploaded by North Light.

For many years the Royal Mail has operated an excellent Postbus service in the North Highlands, the services from Thurso going west all ceased in April this year, Royal Mail saying they were unable to reach an agreement with the Highland Council on the subsidy they pay, if the press is correct, the Post Office had asked a threefold increase in subsidy and appear to not want to negotiate. This service as well as providing lifeline transport to remote areas was also well used by Tourists, you could leave Thurso on the morning bus, have half a day in Tongue, and then return of the afternoon bus.
The Highland Council have been very quick to find a replacement service, provided by Stagecoach, but from the Tourist Trades point of view this service has one major drawback, if you want to go to Tongue for a few hours, and then return to Thurso, during the week you can no longer do this, you now get exactly 23 minutes in Tongue before you have to return!
I can understand the problems, the costs of running a full bus to Tongue have to be higher than the small minibus the Royal Mail was using, and the Royal Mail's service was dual purpose in that it was collecting mail from Post Offices as well.

In my view another step backwards for the Tourist.

Monday, 4 May 2009

O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series Scotland

123 - Coming Through, originally uploaded by North Light.

Finally, in the right place at the right time! Late Sunday afternoon I got to get some surfing photography in, the round of 48, surfed at the "Bowl" at Brims Ness. The surfer in this photograph is Nathan Hedges aka "Hog".
Difficult surfing conditions, but excellent photography conditions.
I am pleased to see that my hit rate seems to have improved this year but I could definitely do with a longer lens.