Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Few Days on the West Coast

We managed to escape for a couple of days over the weekend, despite being a Bank holiday weekend the weather was stunning and although we did quite a few miles it was a very relaxing break.

Now to the serious bit, the west coast was busy, the north coast was quiet.
So the tourists go to the west coast because it's better, no way, I think its more to do with people's perception of where to go for a holiday in Scotland.
The west coast is well known, has had a well developed tourist industry for many years, the north coast has not been promoted to the same level, people come here to go to John O'Groats, to catch the ferry to got to Orkney, for fishing, shooting and a few to tour the area, but we don't get the numbers the area deserves.
How do we change this? Should we expect VistScotland to do this for us? Do we have to do it locally? I guess there is no simple single answer, we should expect VisitScotland to promote the area, but they have a limited budget and will concentrate on areas that pull the majority of visitors, the North Highlands Scotland group is starting to make an excellent job of promoting the area, http://www.northhighlandsscotland.com/ , but this will take time, it's the long haul, should we link with Visit Orkney? It would make some sense, certainly we can learn from them as they have a well developed tourism industry.
I think the real development has to come from the area, but we should be ensuring we ask for, and get the support of VisitScotland, The Highland Council, Historic Scotland, The Scottish Government and any other agencies that we feel can assist us in promoting this beautiful part of Scotland.

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