Monday, 5 May 2008


Early Birds, originally uploaded by North Light.

I note from the Highland Council's website that they are conducting a online survey on the development of John O'Groats, in their own words "We need your help! Please help us to scope the potential for John O’Groats as a visitor destination"
Now sadly the link to this survey is buried away under "Tourism Development"
Surely this should be a front page item? John O'Groats is one of Scotland's best known locations, yet the Hotel is falling down, the foundations of the next phase of development are overgrown and long abandoned. The Operators of the shops and other facilities there deserve a lot of credit and support for their perseverance in this beautiful corner of Scotland.
This should be the focal point for the development of tourism in Caithness and North Sutherland.

So here is the link to the page, please do the survey, the far North of Scotland is a stunning place and tourism has to be a key part of it's future.

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