Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Caithness Flag with a Seaweed garnish

The hotel is now entering the quiet spell, the New Year guests are all sitting having breakfast, cases are loaded onto the coach, and after a busy day putting the hotel "to bed" the next few months are not quite as frenetic.
The 2007 season was an odd one, in terms of tours, particularly from Italy and Germany we had a good year, but individual tourists was poor, the weather, interest rates and fuel prices I guess.
On paper we are already looking busy for 2008, but cancelations will start coming in during January, it will not be until April that we start to get a real feel for the season.
Now the important bits, Photography, I intend to spend a bit more time on photography this year, going to try and post a photograph a day, where I am unable to post every day, at least take a photograph every day. On flickr there is a new Set on my pages, 366, this will hold the daily images.
Time to do some work, so, wishing all the readers of this blog a very happy 2008.

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