Saturday, 5 January 2008

"Up, Up and Away"

"Up, Up and Away", originally uploaded by North Light.

A photography day, the light this morning was excellent, and, as I discovered once I got past Dunnet Head, the sea was spectacular.
I spent a very productive 20 to 30 minutes taking photographs at John O'Groats, with I think some excellent results. Note that it then took a large cup of coffee in the Cafe to warm my hands up!
I am still getting used to the Nikon, a process that will take some time, but I am not unhappy with any of the exposures, and continue to be impressed by the camera.
This image was created from a single RAW file, 5 exposures created at 1 EV steps using Camera Raw, then processed with Photomatix Pro, with some final tweaks in Photoshop, sounds long winded, but probably only took about 15 minutes to create.

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